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Payment for the ordered plans is accepted by our agent: Loyalhanna Dockyard - USA.

Reviews of our customers allow you to judge the quality of our Plan Sets.

Our plans are designed on basis of archival sources, pictures & ship models from well-known world museums. Click here to view some samples of plans and sources used.

All the plan sets consist of one or more A1 (840x620) sheets containing Deck Plan, Profile, Hull Section Lines with Transverse Sections (Body Plan) & Additional Cross-Sections. Specifications, Plans of Details & Fittings are included as well. History, Specifications, Painting & Technical Characteristics are translated into English & enclosed to each plan set.

The given price is fixed for the complete plan set. Shipping costs are not built into the price.

code name of the ship class year scale num.
unit price
Russian Navy
155 Order NOW! Dubbel-sloop *** 1781 1:75 1 30
156 Order NOW! Onega smack 1702 1:75 1 30
158 Order NOW! Santa Anna galiot 1704 1:75 2 55
149 Order NOW! Merkurij (Mercury) brig 1820 1:100 2 55
Christopher Columbus's Vessels
152 Order NOW! Santa Maria caravel 1492 1:200 1 30
153 Order NOW! Pinta caravel 1492 1:200 1 30
154 Order NOW! Nina caravel 1492 1:200 1 30

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