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Карлхайнц Крёгер (Германия): Относительно заказа по электронной почте я хочу сказать, что все было сделано правильно. Я получил посылку менее чем через три недели, что тоже очень хорошо. Я не могу понять, почему некоторые не удовлетворены вашей работой. Я заказывал чертежи у немецких фирм. Доставка занимала приблизительно то же время. Некоторые чертежи были лучшего качества, некоторые нет. Вы работаете хорошо и поэтому я делаю новый заказ.

Thomas Menduni, M.D. (Seattle, WA, the USA): Just wanted to let you know your Pallada (55) plans arrived in my office today and they look great! The details in the plans are amazing. You have an excellent service and extremely fast ( I don't think the average mail in the United States travels as quickly). Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Ted Graves (Ottawa, ON,Canada): Today your plans arrived. The plans are lovely.

Jantinus Mulder (Netherland, Europe): I am building Oslabaja..... using your plans, and I must say they are nice. My model is not finished yet. But last week we tested it for the first time on the pond.

David Herbert (Newport News, VA, the USA, AMVETS member): I received the plans for the "Amur"... The plans are all I had hoped for and more. They will help me to make an accurate model.

Modelist Korabel, the magazine for model ship builders

Steven Backer (the USA, the editor of SteelNavy: This series presents a multitude of interesting ships' plans in various scales. is difficult to imagine a more economic source for these plans. It appears that Modelist-Korabel is the scratch-builders and detailers dream.

Custom built models

Gary DeSmidt (Chicago, IL, the USA): I am an American sailing ships collector who took the rare opportunity to visit SMC ship modeling workshop in Tver, Russia. Here is testimony that you will not find a more credible source for the manufacture of custom-built model ships. The owner of SMC is Stanislav Ovsjannikov. I have found him to be conscientious and clear in his communication with me. He is not only an honest businessman but also a hospitable family man and a good Christian. He has at his disposal over ten craftsmen, five at the master level, and over two hundred plans for ships dating available from the last four centuries. All SMC plans of ships, especially ships of the Russian Navy, are original and unique.

He is not able to keep many models because they sell too quickly to inventory, but he is capable of producing ships at any quality level desired. I have placed the first order for the stern of the battleship Soleil Royal and paid an advance. I am quite sure my order will be filled in time and with high quality. I am going to place some more orders for ship models in the near future.

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